We believe that God is calling every Christian to take part in spreading the Gospel to the world.

As a church, we spend much time, effort, and resources ministering right here in our valley, but we feel just as committed to taking the Gospel throughout the world. We seek to do this through financially supporting missionaries on a monthly basis, involving our own church members in short-term missions trips, and ministering to our missionaries by letter and in prayer.

Below is a list* of those whom we financially support each month:


Nader Baraty (Ethiopia)
David Barnhouse (Zambia)
Brian Collins (Zambia)
David Maskey (Nigeria)
Robert Mickey, Jr. (Kenya)
Nathan Owens (South Africa)
Phil Prettyman (Uganda)
Joe Risinger (Uganda)
Pat Russell (Ivory Coast)
Alan Sutphen (Uganda)
Jerry Wyatt (Tanzania)


Todd Holland (Arctic Circle)


Jonathan Ballou (Thailand)
Jim Binney (Philippines)
Dan Gardner (Japan)
John Honeycutt (China)
Calvin Houser (Philippines)
Marlon Ingco (Philippines)
William Jeffcoat (India)
Paul Johnson (Japan)
Ed Laurena (Philippines)
Mike Leemon (Thailand)
Jonathan Mason (Philippines)
Brian McClain (Thailand)
Mike Morrissey (Philippines)
Chris Reed (Thailand)
Larry Shaffer (Philippines)
Shaju Simon (India)
Shibu Simon (India)
Brandon Song (Korea)


Johnny Daniels (Caribbean)
Chad Pape (Dominican Republic)


Chris Birkholz (Honduras)
Edward Bordell (Costa Rica)
Bradley Edmondson (Nicaragua/Medical Missions)
Adam Fridenstine (El Salvador)
Osmin Gutierrez (Honduras)
Brent Hawley (Nicaragua)
David Rhodes (Project 14 Global Missions)
Marie Lea-Wilson (Honduras)


Markie Bullock (Spain)
Mike DeLuca (Greece)
Dr. Tim Gaul (Macedonia)
Tom Hastings (Germany)
Justin Hayes (Spain)
Mike Helton (Spain)
Keith Klaus (Germany)
Tom Lancaster (American Military in Germany)
Frank Maietta (Italy)
Nick Maulucci (Bulgaria)
B. J. Nibbe (Romania)
Brian Nibbe (Romania)
Jonathan Owens (Bulgaria)
Stetson Planck (Italy)
James Pranger (Hungary)
Bob Radank (Germany)
John Radank (Germany)
Travis Snode (Ireland & the United Kingdom)
Ryan Strother (England)
Michael Talley (Germany)
Chris Waye (United Kingdom)
Justin Williams (England)
Rob Willoughby (Estonia)

NORTH AMERICA (Church Planters)

David Azzarello (Oakdale, California)
Travis Medeiros (Oahu, Hawaii)

NORTH AMERICA (Missionaries/Other)

Tom Border (Risen Son Ministries)
Jim Bracelin (Silent Word Ministries)
Doug Carragher (Armed Forces)
Christian Law Association
Doug Hummel (Printing Ministry)
Ed Klein (Prison Ministry)
Roger Napper (Prison Ministry)
Chad Robinson (Bearing Precious Seed)
Jeremy Rowland (Church Planting Ministry)
Brian Shannon (Tohono O’odham Nation, Arizona)
Shenandoah Boys Ranch
Philip Smith (CLAIM Ministry)
Bob Vallier (Church Business Ministries)
Sam Wilson (Jews)


Jonathan Allinson (Mexico)
Leland Johnson (Brazil)
Niles Loewen (Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico)
Jared Miskovic (Mexico)
Josué Ortiz (Mexico City)
David Owens (Guyana)
Wesley Palla (Brazil)
Chris Sage (Mexico)
Noel Shrivnauth (Guyana)
Garry Tyler (Brazil)
David White (Chile)
Joe Wynne (Mexico)

Kevin Wynne (Mexico)


Susanna Ciaramitaro (Indonesia)
Joel Daku (Kiribati)
Paul Daku, Jr. (Fiji Islands)
Paul Daku, Sr. (Fiji Islands)
Scot Daku (Samoan Islands)
Dan DeLong (Australia)
Tom Gonderman (Australia)
Sam Hutchens (New Zealand)
Matt Meads (Vanuatu)
Jason Ottosen (Papua New Guinea)
Jeremy Pinero (Vanuatu)
Dan Rothwell (Micronesia)
Jeremiah Stokes (Indonesia)
Seth Stokes (Vanuatu)
Dave Westbrook (Australia)

* Some of our missionaries have requested not to be listed publicly, as this would pose a danger to their ministry in countries where it is illegal to share the Gospel.

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